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    Pacific Risk Solutions has over 20 years’ experience in providing, preparing, and deploying workforce personnel and solutions across several countries outside Fiji


Established on March 2011, Pacific Risk Solutions have served as peacekeepers under UN missions in Lebanon, East Timor, and Iraq, as observers in Sinai and as private contractors in Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Papua New Guinea.

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Ex-military personnel

We are a Fijian based personnel provider, specialising in placement of recently retired or discharged members of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF). PRS works with BRP in finding suitable work and placement in the security and training industries for ex-soldiers.

HCT Certified

Our operations are certified by Hostile Control Tactics (HCT) which is a registered US government federal contractor, providing security training to US military, Law Enforcement, and agencies of the federal government.

Our difference

Our approach creates a permanent and dedicated group by delivering a consistent self-sufficient capability held against an establishment of 100% deployable, ready and fit to fight team to support key training and preparedness yearly outcomes.

The biggest threat to security, is when there is no security

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Force protection operations

Protecting military personnel, family members, civilians, facilities, equipment and operations from threats or hazards in order to preserve operational effectiveness and contribute to mission success

Personel security detail

A security detail, (Protective Services Detail, Personal Security Detachment, Personal Security Detail), as a protective team assigned to protect the personal security of an individual or group

Small unit combat tactics

Small unit tactics is the art of using Soldiers in squads and platoons to conduct operations. These tactics prioritise movement with little to no footprint while maintaining tight security

Advance team operations

Security personnel who operate on an as-needed basis to precede the principal to all venues and locations on their itinerary

High value asset protection

Tactics to protect information or an information system that is so critical to an organisation that the loss or corruption of this information or loss of access to the system would have serious impact to the organisation's ability to conduct business

Weapons theory

Theory and practice in handling and utilisation of a range of small arms weapons to support small unit combat tactics

Physical protective measures

Physical security measures designed to protect buildings, and safeguard the equipment inside. Tactics to ensure access to authorised individuals

Immediate action drill

Immediate action drills (IADs) involve a programmed sequence of actions performed in response to a predetermined trigger

Ground fighting tactics

A range of lethal and non-lethal ground fighting techniques to adapt to small unit combat tactics

Weapons retention

Drills and training to ensure operatives always ensure their firearm is prevented from being taken by an assailant, and then used against them during hand-to-hand combat

Emergency first aid

Emergency First Aid is designed to teach life-saving measures and techniques. It mirrors basic duties and functions of EMT-Intermediates and -Paramedics only on a much minor scale and for combat related injuries

Protective driving

Trained combat ready drivers that apply planning and make use of ongoing oversight and threat monitoring tools which will help them on their situational awareness even while they are on the road

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